Dana on the Issues

Families that are Safe

Gun Violence Prevention

We can make common sense reforms to help protect our neighbors like instituting extreme risk laws, also known as red flag laws; safe storage laws; requiring background checks for EVERY gun sale; and giving mental health programs in our communities and schools the support they need to help prevent violence

Criminal Justice System Reform

No one should be in jail for being in poverty or having a physical or mental illness. By reforming our criminal justice system to end the cash bail system, lowering or eliminating mandatory fees, fines, and defendant-funded court proceedings, we can give our neighbors a second chance at a productive and successful living.

Keeping our Land, Air and Waterways Clean

The Pennsylvania constitution says, “The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people.”

Let’s keep the promise of our constitution by fully funding our state’s DEP, fighting to eliminate harmful fracking, and protect our natural resources and state game lands. Climate change is a reality and while national politicians debate, our communities are bearing the brunt of the impact and the cost. Our action now to make our communities and infrastructure more resilient can prevent costly clean up later.

Families that are Healthy

Affordable Healthcare

The number one reason people file for bankruptcy is medical debt. Keeping yourself healthy or a family member alive shouldn’t mean you lose your home. While Congress is mired in debate and partisan bickering, our state legislators can create a state-based public option program that allows all Pennsylvanians access to affordable healthcare based on state Medicaid spending and negotiated costs. For those who keep their own insurance, such a system would create lowered costs across the board through competition.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Education, Treatment and Compassion

Dana’s ex-husband became addicted to and abused prescription painkillers after a work injury, causing his mental health to deteriorate, and making him delusional and dangerous. No one in our community has been left untouched by this epidemic. Our state and our communities need to be taking this seriously, funding statewide initiatives as well as innovative community-based solutions like Second Chance PA.

Well-Funded and Equitable Educational Options (including Preschool)

Our students are our future engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. To help our students thrive, we need to guarantee equitable funding for ALL Pennsylvania’s students, fully staffed student support programs, and access to affordable preschool for every family.

Our legislators played pass the buck with our state pension system for almost a decade. Now the bill has come due and all they can do is point fingers at one another. Continuing to underfund the pensions of teachers and other public employees is undermining the ability for school districts to keep up with costs and shifting the burden to local taxpayers. It’s time to recognize that we face a crisis of education funding and invest in our schools.

Families that are Thriving

Minimum Wage

Pennsylvania lags behind our neighbors in matching our minimum wage to increased cost of living. If you work full time, you should bring home an income that supports your family. Evidence across the country shows that increasing minimum wage actually helps support local businesses, putting more money in the pockets of local shoppers.

Affordable Housing to Rent or Buy

One out of every three renters in Pennsylvania is extremely low income and severely cost-burdened, spending more than half of their income on housing expenses alone. Even middle income families are struggling to find affordable housing. Everyone deserves a safe place to live. Pennsylvania has programs like Housing Choice Vouchers and other supported housing initiatives, but many are underfunded and have very long wait lists. We can and should prioritize finding affordable housing for our neighbors.

Affordable Childcare and Family Leave for Working Families and Reliably Funded Public Benefit Programs

When parents go back to work mere days after giving birth, outcomes for everyone suffer.  Several states have implemented paid family leave programs that are fully supported by worker contributions to state disability insurance program. These programs give families valuable time to bond with their new family members while not increasing costs for state taxpayers and could be easily recreated for Pennsylvania families.

Many of us are only one layoff, one illness, or one injury away from the financial abyss. It’s easy to see the development around us and think that all our neighbors are doing well, but tens of thousands of families in our community rely on SNAP benefits to keep food on the table and one of every three students in our school districts qualify for free or reduced lunch. These programs are a vital part of helping put our neighbors back on their feet and we need to make sure that these human service programs are kept healthy.

Transparency and Good Government

No gifts. No corporate PACs.

Dana will accept no gifts and no money from corporate PACs, so you can be sure she is working for you, not lobbyists or big money influencers.

Expanded Hours of Service

You shouldn’t have to take off work to see your state representative. Dana will expand district office hours to include after work hours on Wednesdays and Fridays with once-monthly Saturday morning hours.

Support for a non-partisan Citizens’ Redistricting Commission

Pennsylvania is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. We aren’t being represented when the politicians in the majority choose their own voters to protect their power. Dana will co-sponsor bills to create a non-partisan citizens’ commission to draw the boundaries of our legislative districts.

Dana needs your help to make sure every family is safe, healthy, and thriving.

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